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Paddon Rallysport is proud to be the distributor of Winmax by Paddon Rallysport Brakes in New Zealand, for street, club, rally and circuit applications.

Hayden first started working with Winmax in 2013 during his European campaigns and since has been involved in the development of different compounds for different uses. Braking is one of the most important factors for driver confidence, which is why Hayden uses Winmax in all his WRC and cars around the world.

Why Winmax? Winmax is a premium brake pad with thanks to our direct partnership with the factory in Japan, are able to offer on the market at extremely competitive pricing. Winmax has the benefits of:

  • Many different compound options for different cars, different applications and different drivers.
  • Lower brake temp build up of pads, discs and callipers resulting in less disc and pad wear, and consistent brake performance during longer periods of use.
  • Good initial bite and solid brake pedal feel for driver confidence.
  • Good braking from cold - giving confidence at the first corner

For sales and enquiries contact any of the below:

Paddon Rallysport: - 027 318 1748

Palmside NZ (Christchurch): - 03 338 9151

Prime Speedsport (Auckland): - 021 106 0827


If not in stock we source directly from the factory in 2 weeks.


Street/Club series: W1-5

5 different compounds available for all applications, from performance street to club rally/circuit. Lower operating temperatures and consistent bite/performance from cold. Starting from $160 + GST per set (front or back).


National level Rally/Circuit: W6-7, IP176

High level pad used in national rally and sprint circuit racing. W6.5 as used by most 4WD rally cars in NZ including Hyundai NZ AP4. Increased bite and higher temperature range than W1-5 series. Pad we recommend most for rallying. Starting from $250 + GST per set (front or back).


Professional level: WN1,2, WN3A/B, HD101

Increased metal in pad material means greater heat resistance under heavy and constant applications, and an increase in initial bite. WN3A used by WRC teams and HD101 by GT endurance teams. Premium pad. Starting from $380 + GST per set (front or back).


BF Racing Brake Fluid

One of the best brake fluids on the market with a higher boiling temperature than most. Helps to fix any brake fade or overheating issues. Since used by Hyundai NZ rally team, no need to bleed brakes during event. $80 + GST per 1 litre bottle.