Hyundai i20 N Rally2 Car

Rally2 is the category of rally cars specified for the WRC2 class of the FIA World Rally Championship. The Hyundai i20 N Rally2 is built by Hyundai Motorsport in Germany by their Customer Racing department and will be developed and run by Paddon Rallysport in the WRC2 Championship.

The car is based on the new road-going Hyundai i20 N chassis which brings the high-performance of Hyundai’s N brand to the i20 range for the first time to create a hatchback with racetrack capability and motorsport-derived performance.

Rally2 cars run 1.6-litre, fuel-injected, turbocharged 4-cylinder engines with a power output of around 285bhp (212kW). They run permanent 4WD and a 5-speed sequential gearbox. Minimum weight is 1230kg, or 1390kg with driver and co-driver. To be eligible for the Rally2 category, manufacturers must have made at least 2500 examples of the road-going version of their nominated vehicle model in the previous 12 months.